I’ve been hearing it more and more – we want to buy now because we think the deals are going to run out!
If you’re thinking of buying a home, don’t hesitate! The prices are at the bottom, rates are low, and there’s FREE money available to first time home buyers which is going to expire the end of 2009.

What would you do for $8000?
Well, if you like shopping, why not put your savvy shopper skills to good use and join me to help you find a home that fits your budget, lifestyle, and personality.
And after you close … How about $8000 for all the hard work you’ve done?
Take advantage of it now!!

There are rumors going around that you can get the money up front before you close.
Yes, this is true! However, it’s the local governments who control how this is handled.
As I write this, Port St Lucie is working on making this happen.
Give me a call or fill out this form to talk about the latest progress and how we can put a free $8000 in your pocket!
Sarah Taylor at 772-485-3214

Have you already received the money?
Share with others in the comments section below how you put the money to good use. What did you buy? Did you make any home improvements?