To stay “current” with our economic conditions, I am a regular subscriber to NPR’s Planet Money podcast.
They break down the news in easy-to-understand concepts and their show lasts about 30 minutes daily.
A few weeks back they asked for listeners to write in about their current jobs. I thought my story of “mortgage-lender-turned-realtor” during a housing slump would be intriguing.


They thought so too, because I got the call!
I was at the office and my mobile rang and hearing Laura Conoway’s voice on the other end turned me all giddy as I forgot my basic motor functions and what exactly I was supposed to do.
She really didn’t explain what angle she was going to take for her piece but began the interview by asking what I had for breakfast. (Apparently they have to get the level of your voice for the audio or something technical like that).
She asked questions about why I became a Realtor, was it expensive, where was I getting business from?
Being the optimistic person that I am, I explained how I was handling things and tried to portray my positive attitude and prove that the market was on the verge of turning around.


That was 4 weeks ago and I haven’t heard my sunny voice come through on the podcast yet.
I’m guessing that she was hoping I was struggling and living on Ramen noodles because that would make for a better story.


Nonetheless, I am still a faithful listener and secretly keep my mental fingers crossed that maybe one day they’ll use our interview for something.