Celebrating the purchase of a home is always a joyous occasion. This is an important and historic day for every homeowner whether they’re buying their first, second, or investment home.

As a Realtor I’ve refined the gift I give at a closing over the years. I want it to be memorable, heartfelt, and useful. Pinterest has a wealth of ideas and I thought it would be worth sharing what I’ve adapted to help inspire YOU whether you’re a Realtor or friend of a new homeowner.

The concept is the traditional message of bread so you never go hungry, wine so you will always have joy… and on we go. With the decoration of the basket you can adapt the colors, towel, or accoutrements based on the recipient’s personality and interests.

A friend had shared the idea of using paint chip samples as the background for the hang tags. She even went out to Home Depot to find the matching colors for each adage. I stock up on a few of each color and then print and glue the sentiments to each.

Paint Samples Gift Tags

I’ve become savvy by stocking up on the non-perishable supplies. With frequent trips to Target I purchase baskets from their $1 and $3 bins at the front of the store. When I can find bakers twine or any other house-related decorations that may be in season I purchase a few of those as well.

At Homegoods or TJ Maxx I’ve discovered adorable tea towels with a colorful neighborhood theme. If I run across them while out shopping I will buy their entire stock so I always have them handy.

tea towels and twine

The perishable items I purchase before I have an upcoming closing. On the list is “bread” (usually in the form of biscotti), honey, salt, a candle, and olive oil. I can generally find these at affordable prices from Homegoods or TJ Maxx. My only peeve is that the barcode stickers from these stores are so difficult to peel off from the goods. I guess it’s worth the discount though.

I have wine stocked in red or white with a custom label that includes my logo and theme colors with a Cheers message on front. Once a year Cellar54 visits our office for a wine tasting and to sell us the custom labels on the wine of our choosing.

Once I have my groceries and embellishments I’m ready to assemble the basket. I place the tea towel in the bottom and then insert some shredded decorative paper for cushion. I tie or tape my labels to each item and place them in the basket. The finishing touch is a congratulatory greeting card in the front and them I’m ready to deliver with a big smile!

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