The internets (as my sister calls them) is your virtual neighborhood and if your real estate for sale, why shouldn’t the whole world know?

I have spent countless hours staying up-to-date on what technology and online tools to utilize that will give my sellers the greatest exposure. Truth be told, the MLS (multiple listing service) is NOT enough. When I took my first listing, my first inquiry was from someone that had found that listing because I blogged about it, not because it was in the MLS. My second inquiry for that property came from another real estate related website, because I made sure the property was showing “for sale” on that website, not because it’s in the MLS.

So what does this mean? If a real agent is happy to shove a for-sale sign in your yard, slap the listing on MLS and call it a day, then they are really doing you a disservice by not properly marketing your property.

Here’s a little run-down of what I like to do online:
(Forgive the techie jargon…)

  • First, I take photos, but then enhance them to make sure they look appealing. They are uploaded to an online photo hosting website, so that anyone can view them, and then I can use the embed code to post them quickly wherever I need to.

  • Next, those pretty pictures are used in the MLS which distributes to

  • My website,, gets a lovely article about the listing along with big photos of the property.

  • The photos and articles from my website also transfer over to my Facebook Fan Page, where readers and fans can see what I currently have for sale.

  • I distribute your property listing online to over 10 related websites that are specific or relevant to real estate.

  • In my montly eNewsletter I chat about the new listing and point my readers to my website to view more details. My newsletter grows every month because ANYONE I come in contact with as a buyer, seller, lead, new business partner, neighbor, relatives, pet (j/k) – they get added to the list. And then the older newsletters are stored on my website for my web audience to visit past issues.

To recap, the above listed items are things that I do online to enhance the properties that I have for sale. This does not include the word-of-mouth marketing, print advertising, and video production that I also do for my sellers, which are covered in other articles.

Once I have your listing and have distributed it online, you receive a confirmation with the links to each individual site where your property has been distributed.

If you’re ready for your property to become an internet super-star, please contact me to schedule a consultation and chat about how to sell your property.