Keep Port St Lucie BeautifulIt never occured to me that all the names of “St Lucie” could be confusing! We have Port St Lucie, St Lucie, St Lucie West. For someone who is considering moving to our area, it helps to know what they all mean and where they are located.

This blog post will attempt to make sense of the different geographical areas within our city and county.

Here is a breakdown to start:

St Lucie is the County which is generally comprised of Port St Lucie, the city, and Fort Pierce, the city.

St Lucie West is a master-planned community within Port St Lucie, the city.
What does the term master-planned community mean and how does it differ from a subdivision?  A master-planned community, like St Lucie West or the Town of Tradition, encompasses not only the housing plats but also the recreational parks and commerical spaces. Even things like the lakes, sidewalks, and golf courses could be included in the master plan. Generally a master planned community will cover an enormous amount of land area and offer the conveniences of amenities right there within the community.

Now that we’ve nailed down the differences of our St Lucie names, let’s look at them visually.

This is a map I created with Google to help show the breakdown of the county and city. Please note that the county and city lines are not correct, but are more for a visual overview.
Click on the shaded shapes or read below for more information.

View Making Sense of St Lucie in a larger map

The pink is St Lucie County, the green is the City of Port St Lucie, and the purple is St Lucie West.

Would you like to know more about these areas? Click the links for resources and information:

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