Sometimes websites can be confusing and each real estate site is different.
I try to keep the important stuff in plain sight but would also like to explain what some of the features on my website “do” so that you can reap the full benefit and have a fantastic experience!

Blog Feeds
Blog is a collection of articles that an author (me) frequently writes on a particular subject. So for example, most real estate websites that you visit have a “buyers” and “sellers” section with the same old stale articles that are rarely, if ever, updated. A blog is continually written. So this week I might write about a particular community and add some pictures and then if you were to visit my website in a month I may have also written about a local concert, a new listing that I have, or how to buy a foreclosure.

Feed is what helps us be lazy. Instead of you having to come to my website every day in anticipation of a new blog article (oh how I can dream), the feed delivers the new articles to your email inbox at the beginning of each day. I may only write about 2 – 3 articles a week, so don’t worry about over-bombardment. Feeds are not spam.

So to sign up and kick back and relax, click on the orange square at the right side that says “Subscribe to Blog Feeds.” Once you sign up, you’ll get an email from a company called “Feedburner” who will be asking to verify that you do truly want to receive the updates.

Archives, Categories, and Search
So what happens if you read an article and 2 months later you want to come back and find it again?
See that gray vertical column right there ——–>
That’s where you can search for past information either by category or archived date.
Or, you can use the search box: in the header of every page at the top right corner, you will find a search box. If there is something in particular you want information on, say foreclosures or East Lake Village – if I’ve written about it, you’ll find it. If not, give me a nudge and let me know you want to know more and I’ve been slacking!

Instant Chat
Meebo Chat allows anyone to talk to me in real time as long as I’m online (bubble will be green, not red).
The currentl location of my Instant Chat feature is in the Contact section along the black, horizontal navigation bar at the top.
Just remember, if you navigate away from the page you will loose the conversation.

Email Newsletter
I send out a monthly newsletter that gives the previous month’s highlights along with some statistics and relevant news.
To sign up, visit the Contact Section – located along the black, horizontal navigation bar at the top.
Find the little box to enter your email address and then hit Go.

Connecting in Other Ways Online (aka “Social Networking”)
At the verrrry bottom of my website are a bunch of small squares. You may recognize a few right off the bat – Twitter, Facebook, Flickr. If you’d like to connect through these mediums, just click on your network of choice.