When I tour homes with buyers it’s obviously always a smoother process when we walk through a property that is vacant and clean. It’s when we open the door to rooms full of personal artifacts that the tour becomes interesting, and worse …. distracting!

The last thing you want, when you’re selling your home, is for a potential buyer to be distracted by your photos, dirty laundry, odd collections, or general messiness.
On more occassion than once, we’ve toured homes that are short sales and a large mess is left behind. It baffles my buyers on how someone who wants to sell their home would leave behind all their “stuff” – even if they are loosing their shirt on the deal.

So whether you’re selling your property as a regular sale or are  [unfortunately] selling as a short sale it’s always a good idea to have the home as tidy as possible as if the President were coming to visit … that is, if you’re serious about selling it.

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