Beginning in March, 2009 we found out about the presence and issues with drywall made in China and imported to the US during the housing boom years.

My clients that are buying a home are in-the-know and want to make sure the newer home they are looking at was not built with this drywall.

From the FL Department of Health, here are the specifications and what to look for:

First, determine the date of construction

To meet the current case definition (03-30-09) homes constructed after 2003 (2004 to present) must meet two or more conditions; and those built prior to 2004 must meet three or more of the conditions specified below.Magnifying Glass

  1. There is presence of sulfur-like or other unusual odors
  2. Confirmed presence of Chinese manufactured drywall in the home
  3. Observed copper corrosion, indicated by black, sooty coating of Un-insulated copper pipe leading to the air handling unit present in the garage or mechanical closet of home
  4. Documented failure of air conditioner evaporator coil (located inside the air handling unit)
  5. Confirmation by an outside expert or professional for the presence of premature copper corrosion on Un-insulated copper wires and/or air conditioner evaporator coils (inside the air handling unit)

Other Issues:

  • Mirrors
  • Miscellaneous items with possible corrosion
  • Miscellaneous items without corrosion
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Refrigerators
  • The full version of this report is found on the FL Department of Health’s website along with pictures of what the damage looks like.

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