My fellow vegetarians will be familiar with the statement, “But what do you eat?”
Here I have compiled a reference list of places and dishes around PSL that are good vegetarian fare.
Please take note that these are not vegan suggestions. I do eat eggs, cheese, and milk (if I have to).  

So whether you’re hard-core or an aspiring vegetarian, hopefully this will inspire you to try something new.
My list will grow, but these are some of my faves ~ 

Fast Food:

  • Taco Bell : Grilled-Stuft Burrito made with beans instead of meat
  • Tropical Smoothie : Veggie Veggie wrap – beans, rice, lettuce, parm cheese, dressing, tomatoes : quite hearty.
  • Burger King : Veggie Burger (with Cheese, please!) Tasty but they always forget the cheese so don’t drive off too fast from the drive through.
  • Panera
    Read in the casual section below. They can be “fast” if you’re taking it to go, but I would consider them more of a sit-down-and-enjoy-a-good-conversation type of place. 


  • Bonefish Mac’s : Cheese n’ Veg Wich
    A double-decker on toasted rye chock-full of sliced tomatoes and green peppers. It’s so thick you’ll have to unhinge your jaw like a snake!
    This fun restaurant is on Becker road at the corner of Southbend in the new Publix plaza across from Tesoro. They have great out-door dining and the plaza is quite picturesque. If you have never been here, I seriously recommend it; it’s a huge restaurant and the inside decorations are awesome, especially above the main bar. It’s almost like a nautical museum.
  • Pueblo Viejo : Spinach Enchilada & Vegetarian Burrito
    Pueblo has friendly wait staff, huge portions, and is consistently good. They have restaurants all over the place, too. I’m a raving fan of the Bayshore location because it’s close to home and the downtown Jensen Beach location because they have awesome margaritas! The Spinach Enchilada is a good sized portion and is very flavorful. I used to eat the Veg Burrito which is the size of a football, but the last few times it tasted a bit meaty – like they were grilling the veggies right next to steak, so I gave it up.  
  • Panera Bread : Multiple items
    They change their menu frequently but I like their Greek Salad and whatever veg Panini is on the menu. They used to have a “Fandango” salad which was baby greens, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, mandarin oranges, and raspberry dressing. They can make it for you but they don’t have the dressing any more so you’ll have to order some other type of dressing.
    Their cold veg sandwich is pretty good. You can pick the bread and I suggest “Sun Dried Tomato” bread because it has a lightly sugar-encrusted crust that gives a nice little twist to the sandwich. They used to have a Mozzarella and Portabella Mushroom panini that was fantastic, but it’s not on the menu any more. They replaced it with a Mozz + Tomato panini which isn’t as good. They pre-make their paninis in the morning so you can’t special request (boo hoo). But all-in-all, Panera is a good place for Vegetarians. 
  • Sake Too : Fried Tofu, Veggies Tempura, or Curry Veg Bowl
    In the downtown area of Tradition around the corner, this place has a HUGE menu and a veg section. I sometimes get a hankering for wasabi, so the veggies tempura and fried tofu are good to dip in the wasabi/soy sauce mix. And if you drink alcohol, try the hot saki, it comes in a shot glass-sized cup and is an interesting break from the normal wine, beer, or margarita. The curry bowl is good but it will make your nose run because it’s rather spicy.
  • Vista Grille : Eggplant Parmesiana or Greek Salad
    Opened in April, 2008, all the food at this restaurant is home made and the service is incredibly friendly. I’m shamed that it took me so long to visit here when they are so close to my home. In the newer shopping plaza on PSL Blvd on the other side of the bridge from Bayshore Blvd. I’m always delighted by an unexpected basket of bread at the beginning of the meal, and their’s was fantastic. My Eggplant Parm was very tasty and filled me up with the accompaning side salad. They also serve breakfast and lunch.


  • You got me! I never eat formal in PSL but if I find something I’ll let you know…
  • Bob Evans : Garden Omelette
    Located in Saint Lucie West, right off of I 95.  A massive omelette filled with shrooms, spinach, tomatoes, cheese, and onions topped they with a hollandaise sauce on top which is devishly-good. The breakfast potatoes and buns are yummy accoutrements that will fill you to the brim. 
  • Panera Bread : Spinach + Artichoke Souffle
    A brand spankin’ new Panera opened in Saint Lucie West near the I 95 exit. You have to get there before 10:30am to get their Souffles because they pull them off the heating pads after that. These suckers are really delicious and will have you hooked after the first bite. They aren’t completely filling so if you want to add more fat and calories, throw in a bagel with cream cheese. Bagels? – I suggest the French Toast bagel (toasted) with Hazelnut Cream Cheese, it’s like dessert, only for breakfast! Oh, and if you’re an early riser, get there at 6:30am when they open and get a cinnamon roll. Let me tell you about the middle section of the cinnamon roll …. ooooohhhh it’s to die for.
Field Trip Dining:
Care to dine outside the Port St Lucie area?
Here are my non-PSL, Veg recommendations.
  • First Watch
    In Stuart on the SE corner of Monterrey and US-1. You have to get there before 2pm because they are strictly breakfast, lunch, and brunch.
    My fave dish: Veg Skillet Scrambler – cheddar-scrambled eggs atop a mixture of breakfast potatoes and veggies. I have eaten at First Watch probably more than 10 times and I have NEVER ordered anything other than this skillet because it’s oh-so-satisfying. 
  • Pei Wei
    In Stuart right next to First Watch (go figure). But you’ll be pleased to know that we are supposed to get one in St Lucie West in that Starbucks plaza.
    I like ALL their veg dishes. You have to pick one that has a leaf next to it on the menu and then tell them “made with veggies and tofu.” The tofu is out of this world, seriously. If you’re a hesitant-tofu-trier, make this place your “first time for tofu” and you’ll be smiling.  
I’ll be adding more as I think of them.
Suggest your favorite Veg places in the comments section below.
I’m always up for trying something new.